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Exercise • Cognitive Functional Therapy

• Functional rehabilitation • Hands on treatment •Education

At our busy Physiotherapy Clinic we provide patients with a welcoming and comfortable environment for treating all types of physical pains, aches, and injuries. Read on to find out how we can help you get moving again.

Treatment Strategy

We recognise the importance of building a good relationship with our patients. We use a patient-centred approach and it matters to us that we fully understand your problem so that we can implement the most appropriate treatment strategy for you.


Empowering Patients to Achieve Their Goals

At Brook Physio your individual needs will be identified and a fully comprehensive management strategy implemented. Whatever your story we are keen to hear it!

Our management philosophy emphasises long-term solutions as well as short-term results; we believe that the true marker of successful treatment is that improvements are maintained.

We recognise the importance of education and empowering you the client with the information needed to take an active role in the management of your condition. We want you to be involved in decisions about your care and we recognise the importance of developing a shared understanding of your problem through effective communication and education. Communication is key and we will explain your problem to you in simple terms rather than ‘blinding you with science’.

Active Approach

Although all our physiotherapists are highly trained in specific manual therapy and it remains an important part of our clinical “tool box”, we recognise the limitations of an exclusively passive approach to physical management. That’s why our treatment approaches go beyond standard approaches of just mobilisation and manipulation to include specific functional exercises, postural correction and psychological support. 

We might also suggest a 45 minute "on site" work station assessment, if your problem requires it, to further understand the physical and ergonomic drivers of your pain.


Book an Appointment

To make an appointment please call 020 8501 1449 and speak to our reception staff or use our contact form to send us a message.

You can self-refer or be referred by your GP or consultant. Skype and Zoom consultations are available.

T: 020 8501 1449

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