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Rob Green
Body Control Pilates

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Since starting pilates 6 years ago, I have found that I have retained my original strength, whilst cutting down my mass and improving my core. I have also experienced movement in parts of my lumbar spine for the first time in over fifteen years! Most importantly I have remained injury free since rupturing my groin nearly 5 years ago… Read more

Robert Green

Goalkeeper, (England)



Whether it is for general exercise, conditioning, pre and post natal support, pain relief or relaxation at Brook Physio, Pilates is seen as an important part of our commitment to holistic well-being.

Our Pilates teachers work closely with the physiotherapists and our approach has been adapted over recent years to reflect a greater understanding of normal movement and how the body reacts to pain. Changes in postural and movement awareness, the inability to relax overactive muscles and the lack of confidence to move, if not addressed, leave the body vulnerable to injury and on-going pain.

At Brook Physio, Pilates is functional and client centred. Our initial session will include a postural assessment as well as functional tasks to determine which exercises from the Pilates repertoire are most suited for the individual. On the basis of this initial evaluation, we then introduce progressively graded exercises specifically designed to address, and gently challenge, any movement dysfunctions.

Movements are slow and precise and the focus on breathing and body awareness leaves clients feeling relaxed, rather than exhausted and with greater body confidence.

There is no doubt that if the Pilates programme is followed on a weekly basis, you will not only see changes in your physical well-being, but achieve a greater balance between body and mind.