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Coronavirus Update 

Dear clients and friends of Brook Physiotherapy

It is with deep regret that we have come to the hard decision to cease all face to face contacts with new and current patients. 

Having spent so many years leading and supporting our clients through difficult times, we can no longer with a clear conscience continue to justify even a very small risk to the ongoing health of our respected patients. 

In these uncertain times we are unable to give any further clarity with regards to timeframes. 

We do understand however that people will continue to experience discomfort and limitations at these difficult times. We would like to assure all, that should we be able to provide advice, diagnosis, and remote progression of exercises then we will aim to support through online/Skype consultations. 

Our mobile number 07401 259 970 will continue to be answered, alongside regular updates to our website

You are not alone.


Brook Physiotherapy