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Client Testimonials

Please see below for some testimonials submitted by our clients: 

"In my role as a fitness manager I have many clients that have asked me about various injuries and whether I could recommend a physiotherapist. I always have no hesitation in sending them to Brook Physio and explain to them how friendly and informative the staff are and how they put them at ease giving them a thorough and comprehensive examination compared with other clinics. After receiving treatment with Brook Physio, all my clients have reiterated one common theme, ‘If only I had gone to Brook Physio sooner! Many thanks Brook Physio"

Neil Witherington Director of Physicals Health Club and Stevange Borough FC Sports Scientist  2011

"By the time I was recommended to see Ian I had been suffering with chronic back pain for about 2 years, I was unable to work and I had had to drop out of university. In that time I had seen dozens of specialists in every imaginable discipline and had undertaken numerous treatments but none of these had any substantial positive effect. Ian put a lot thought into understanding my case, and I quickly grew to really trust his analysis and value his support. He first helped me work through all the conflicting advice I had been given, and understand why it hadn't worked, and then worked with me to permanently sort out the problem.  Ian's analysis of my chronic pain showed me how small alterations in my everyday activities; how I sit, stand and walk, were the key to getting back to normal. Thanks to Ian I was able to get my life back on track: I finished my degree, and since then I have done a masters, can work full time without a problem, and can get on enjoying life. I am extremely grateful to him; I really couldn't recommend him higher to anyone who is suffering as I did"

Simon 2011

"I broke a vertebra in my lumbar back whilst snowboarding and went to NHS physiotherapy for about 9 months. 
A year later I still suffered from bouts of terrible pain which often stopped me going to work and Doctors had told me I would now always have problems with my back. I thought “enough is enough” and was recommended to see Ian by a colleague. Ian’s treatment was miraculous! He didn’t just look at the region I injured but how I used and moved my whole body. Not only did he cover the physical aspects but examined my “fears” and lack of confidence about using my back. Even after the first session, I noticed a dramatic difference and after only a few sessions I felt “normal” again. 
Since his treatment I’ve climbed mountains in Italy, started running longer distances and I’ve even been back on my snowboard! I am completely pain free and have forgotten I ever had an accident. Thank you Ian!"

Alison 2011

"Ian has provided an invaluable consultancy service over the past three years, combining sound clinical assessment, expertise and treatments. In addition, his use and knowledge of real time ultrasound has consistently resulted in accurate diagnosis and successful treatment outcomes. This element has proved to be extremely helpful time and time again. I look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come"

Paul Dando Stevanage Borough FC Physiotherapist 2012

"Since starting pilates 6 years ago, I have found that I have retained my original strength, whilst cutting down my mass and improving my core. I have also experienced movement in parts of my lumbar spine for the first time in over fifteen years! Most importantly I have remained injury free since rupturing my groin nearly 5 years ago"

Robert Green Goalkeeper, (England) 2010

" I have known Ian since 2007 in his capacity as consultant physiotherapist for West Ham United, Charlton and now Portsmouth FC. Ian has always provided a teaching input to my staff and I would definitely recommend his lumbar spine in football course. Ian integrates evidence based current manual concepts with an understanding of the specific demands of the sporting environment. Ian’s willingness to illustrate, through practical demonstration of injured players, the examination and management approaches provided an invaluable insight into the way he works"

Steve Allen Portsmouth FC Head Physiotherapist 2012


" I have known Ian since 1986 and throughout my managerial career he has been an enormous support to me. I have needed Ian’s expertise with certain complex or recurrent injuries that were not resolving with standard physiotherapy.  This support has been vital for the club physios to keep the injury rates down and to enable us to get the best team out on the pitch. When I was the England U 21’s Manager, I actively encouraged some premier league and championship club physios to see Ian for consultancy opinions on problems players."

Peter Taylor England U21 Manager 2004-2007

" Brook Physio has helped me recently to overcome an injury after a car accident and I can offer nothing but praise for the way my treatment was systematically progressed. At no time did I feel it was a jump too far in what was expected of me and I have progressed so much that I feel I can head towards normal activity. The protective patterns of movement which I had developed to avoid pain have been difficult to break, but with a sympathetic approach which has involved specific functional exercises I have made incredible progress. I wish to thank Lucy for her patience and understanding which has finally made me confident that there is light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel of pain and frustration."

Catherine 2011

"No more sciatica! No more limping! Thanks to Ian, I can get on with my life again. Brook Physio is not a one-size-fits-all practice where everyone with the same symptoms receives the same treatment. Ian actually got to the root of my problem and has taught me to change the habits that were causing me pain and incapacity. His energy and enthusiasm are enormous, as is my gratitude!" 

Susie 2011